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Winter Star (Titan) by Frie-Ice
Winter Star (Titan)
The legendary titan legendary Titan of Ice, Winter Star.  Winter Star was once bonded to the first Arendelle Seeker, she left her titan in her castle in the North Mountain before she died; The titan sleeps within it's amulet while waiting for a new seeker.  But if the titan waits too long it will over Arendelle in ice that would never melt, the ice will only thaw when Winter Star is bonded to a seeker again; Arendelle Seekers have been preparing themselves for the frosts arrival if they couldn't find it on time.  Elsa Arendelle has been trying to find it since she became a seeker.

Winter Star Amulet by Frie-Ice
Winter Star Amulet
The amulet of legendary Titan of Ice, Winter Star.  Winter Star was once bonded to the first Arendelle Seeker; that the legend of the Ice Queen of the Arendelle North Mountain; The legends say that the titan will sleep until it was time to move on and bond with a new seeker.  But if the titan sleeps and waits for too long, it's power will over Arendelle in ice that would never melt unless the titan is with an new seeker; Arendelle Seekers have been trying to find it and preparing for the frosts arrival if they couldn't find it on time.


This amulet is part of my HuntikAU
Tail Fin Necklace by Frie-Ice
Tail Fin Necklace
I drew this for fun as I was thinking about HTTYD jewellery I would like to have.  If someone made a replica of this, I think that tailfin should be made out of glass.
Maximus (Titan) by Frie-Ice
Maximus (Titan)
The Litho titan, Maximus.  Maximus is a titan that protects both its bonded seeker and the people of Corona, one of these titans once belonged to the first Sun Seeker.  Corona's guards and seekers never leave home without one of these titans, their powers and abilities to fight and face any kind of danger comes in handy.

Maximus Amulet by Frie-Ice
Maximus Amulet
The amulet of the Litho Titan, Maximus.  Maximus can fly through the toughest storms of wind, thunder and snow and the dangers of traps.  Sun Seekers that protects the people and searches for other amulets and artefacts never leave home without one of these titans.


This amulet is part of my HuntikAU


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United Kingdom
I dream of being a writer, but I do love drawing. I wanted to be an artist at first, but I got interested in writing. But I still draw for my stories. I hope that people will like the drawings and stories that I put on Frie-Ice.

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Thanks for faving! Be sure to check out the rest of my work when you get the chance. :D
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BabyLoba Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hey,Happy Birthday. Yes sorry,I'm late.
Anyway I wanted to tell you: I created a video on youtube inspired by your Jarida Cindrella au
and I thought that maybe you wanted to get a look and tell me what do you think. I mentioned you and you story in the description below the video. I'm sorry if the voices are not the best. It's the first time I create something like this,even if I made it just for fun.
Here's the…
Frie-Ice Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I don't know what to say, that story that based on images that I found on line, liked the idea and started to write my own with the same and my own plots; the same with my Jarida Peter Pan.

The video is very sweet and I liked how you it with only two chapters up; I do like the video but the voices put me off a tinny bit, but don't like it stop you I'm sure that other people liked how you turned the female voices into males.
BabyLoba Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago
Yes,I know. For the voices I used Audacity and this is the best it can do,I've tried all to make them right and here's the results. Like I said,I'm sorry about the voices
If you know any app better than audacity,then tell me ;)
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