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Jack's Centre by Frie-Ice
Jack's Centre
North gave this to Jack when he and Jamie get his friends to join in the fun that helps them to believe in the Guardians again!  Jack's centre that makes him Jack Frost is Fun.

The image came from here:…
Ch1 Doesn’t Let His Master Get To Him

Many years have passed since Pitch and his sons; the Stabbington Brothers took over the orphanage and turned its original heir into a servant boy.  Jack was now seventeen and was still in the chains of slavery by Pitch.  He did his best to stand up for the orphaned kids, to find a way to get rid and save everyone from the wicked three, stay alive and to do his chores.

One bright sunny early morning, a group of hummingbirds were waking up in their home in the orphanage attic. The small hummingbird group are lead by a female hummingbird named, Baby Tooth.  The small green birds looked down from their nests to see their sleeping human friend.  Jack had saved them from one of the Stabbington Brothers’ bow shooting practice, when the brothers were shooting at their practice targets and at wild animals.  Jack took them in so they’ll be safe from the brothers.

Baby Tooth and two of her friends flew down passing their bats friends, Drac and his bat daughter, Mavis, who Jack had also saved from the brothers, to wake him up.  Drac and Mavis were asleep too, they didn’t bother them and let them sleep, they had a long night.  Jack on the other hand has chores to do, like he does every day and he could get into trouble if he slept in.

They landed gently on the sleeping brown headed boy.  Jack was lucky to have a bed, covers and a pillow to sleep on.  Baby Tooth started to chirp into Jack’s ears to wake him up, but he rolled over to one side and kept on sleeping.  Baby Tooth looked at her wingless friend and tried to chirp again, but Jack put his head under his pillow.  The other hummingbirds looked at Baby Tooth, hoping that she has a plan that can help them to wake him.

Baby Tooth walked on top of the pillow and when she reached the end, she started chirping again.  But as she was chirping, she didn’t see the hand with two fingers tiptoeing up behind her.  The hand gave Baby Tooth a jump as it gave her a slight tap to stop her chirping.

Baby Tooth flew away from the pillow and asked her friends if they or if they knew who scared her.  Jack laughed as he got his head out from under his pillow and looked at his green feathered friends.

“That might teach you not to chirp over people who were having a good dream that helps them to escape from reality” Jack laughed.

Baby Tooth got a bit mad and was about fly up to Jack to give him a piece of her mind, but the other hummingbirds held her back.

“I know that I might have scared you girl and I have work to do, but my dreams and memories are the only things I have to keep me going!”  The three birds looked at Jack to remind him that he also has them.  “Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you three, the other hummingbirds, Drac, Mavis and Dave, Kevin and our other mice friends!”

Jack was also friends with mice; Dave and Kevin are two of them.  Some of them have lost one of their eyes from Pitch’s cat, Nightmare and the mice along wear clothes that Jack gets from a friend in the village.  The mice fight, laugh, find things funny very easily and talk funny, (but Jack learnt how to understand them and all his other animal friends too.)  His mice friends almost get themselves killed from time to time, but luckily they don’t.  But they do their best for Jack and sometimes hide his most valuable items in their mouse holes for safe keeping.

As Jack was getting out of bed and having a stretch, Dave and two other mice came running in a hurry like something was terribly wrong, or that they were out of cheese again.  Jack bent down to his whiskered friends to see what is wrong.

“Dave what is it, you’re not out of cheese again are you?”  Dave shook his head and started to tell Jack in his funny voice what is wrong.  “A new guy, what’s wrong with that,” Jack turned to Baby Tooth, “Can you three get some of the mice size clothes for-” but Dave interrupted him to tell Jack why they are worried and that they need to hurry, “What?!?  He’s in a trap!!!!!!”  Dave and the ones with him nodded.  “Why didn’t you say so!?!”

Jack put his vest on, put the clothes from the birds into his pocket and then followed Dave to where Kevin and some of the other mice were waiting with the trapped mouse.  Baby Tooth and the other two followed on behind to see if they could help.

The trap that the new mouse was trapped in was on the stairs to his room and Kevin and five other mice where there waiting for them to save him.  Jack was glad that the clock tower hadn’t started its morning chimes yet or he’ll have Pitch to worry about when he wonders why he was late getting both his and his sons’ breakfast.

“Calm down, guys I’m here” as Jack got to them, “And calm down little guy, I’m getting you out” as he calmed the trapped mouse down before opening the cage, “We’re not going to hurt you!”  Jack lifted the cage up, opened it and then peered down at the scared mouse.  “Oh,” seeing that it was terrified of him, “Looks like being trapped really frightened you, uh.  Dave, Kevin!  Can you two help him calm down?” as Jack put the cage gently down so it wouldn’t shake.

The two mice walked into the opened cage, as the scared mouse scurried into the corner.  His fear was making him shake the bars to get out before these two unknown clothed mice came any closer to him.  The mice began to speak to each other and Dave and Kevin told the frightened mouse that they, the other mice, the hummingbirds, the two bats and the boy are friends and that they are setting him free and giving him a home in the house and in their mouse holes.

Once the frightened mouse was calm and was sure that he was safe, Dave and Kevin lead him up to meet Jack.  The mice handed their new friend some mouse size clothes and then helped him into them.

“Easy guys” Jack told them, “It’s not every mouse wears clothes like you guys do!”  The mice backed away from the new guy after he was dressed and then brought him up to Jack.  “The names, Jack, little guy.  This place might have a cat, two knuckle heads and a slave driving owner, but its home and we’re finding a way to make it better and we need all the help we can get!”  The mouse could see Jack’s hard past in his eyes and knew that he had to help him and his other friends, so he nodded to say ‘yes’.  “Great and to save us from calling you ‘little guy’, we’ll name you.......Jerry!”

The other mice welcomed Jerry to their family, before heading back up stairs.  Since Jack was up, he thought that he should get ready for the day.  Getting Pitch and his sons’ breakfast on time might help him to leave the building to go to the village.  He has friends there that can help him in his task to make things right again.

The male hummingbirds helped Jack wash up, while the females got Jack’s clothes ready.  Once Jack was all ready for the day, the clock from the clock tower in the castle started to dong.

“Right on time” Jack muttered to himself.

Jack tied a cloth around his head to cover his hair before heading down stairs to the kitchen, while Baby Tooth and her flying friends went for a flight.  Dracula and Mavis kept on sleeping and the mice started to show Jerry his new home through the mouse holes.

The other worker and helpers in the orphanage like Jack, but they were forbidden to help or to even speak to him if they want to keep their jobs.  Jack understood and did his best not to speak to them; he didn’t want to be the cause of them losing their job.  As the others were getting the children’s breakfasts ready, Jack got his ‘masters’ ready.

He never liked calling them that and he would happily leave to be free of them, but the orphanage his is home and he couldn’t leave the other orphans to Pitch.  Once things were set right again, he’ll make sure that all of the kids in his care are given to good homes with loving families to care for them.

Pitch’s cat, Nightmare ordered a meow at Jack to get him to get his milk.  Jack never liked Nightmare; he was the reason why some of his mice friends have one working eye.  But he just poured Nightmare’s milk into a bowl to save himself from being scratched on his ankles, again.

Soon after Nightmare was drinking his milk, Jack got ready to get Pitch and his sons’ breakfasts ready and when he was getting the cups, he found a strange bottle hidden in the back.  It had a weird smell and there was no label or tag to say what it was, but Jack knew that he has to find out what it is.  It might be something bad that could harm the kids and he has some friends in the village that can help him found out what it is.

So when no one was looking, he placed it into one of the hidden mice holes and asked his friends to hide it from Pitch.  When everything was set, he got the trays ready by carrying one on his head and the other two in his hands.  While he was carrying the trays up he was thinking about the bottle and the smell he smelt on his grandfather before he died.

When he reached the rooms, he used his foot to knock on the first two doors of the Stabbington Brothers’ rooms.  He didn’t want to be blamed for tipping the trays and the food on them again.  Then he took the third tray off his head and brought it to Pitch.

“Good morning Jack” he heard Pitch greet him as he entered.

“Morning” Jack replied, trying not to show any dislike.

“Has Nightmare been fed?” Pitch asked as Jack handed him his tray.

“Yes.”  Jack knew that he has to ask him now if he wants to go to the village. “Pi- I mean master we’re running out of meat and the others have their hands full.  So -”

“You would like to get it for them in the village” Pitch interrupted.  “Hasn’t it been your fifth visit there this week?”

“I thought that you liked me being out of sight?” Jack replied, to hide the real reason.

Pitch just smirked and laughed at Jack’s response.  “Why would you think that?  I took you in after your grandfather passed away and gave you a reason to live by working for me!”

“There’s still work I can do for you in the village!”

“Fine,” Pitch sighed, “But I want you back here before sunset.  I might have a few more things from there and sunset would give you enough time.”

“You’re too kind” Jack sighed, before leaving the room.

Jack might have gotten permission to leave, but he still has to come back with the items on Pitch’s list.  But luckily for him, he has friends in the village that can help him.

Once he was given the list, he grabbed a few baskets, hid his small friends and the bottle before heading down the lane to the village.  To be free from the one he is forced to call ‘master’ until sunset.

The village was busy and lively like any other day.  The bakers were baking their bread and cakes in their shops.  Tailors measuring the lengths of their fabrics to make their clothes.  Farmers were selling their planted goods and live stock.  Travellers and pedlars were passing by and taking a look around.  Finally the blacksmiths are hard at work and one of the village’s blacksmiths happens to been good friends with Jack.

Hiccup Haddock was once an orphan in Jack’s grandfather’s care before he and five other kids were taken in by Gobber Belch.  He needed an assistant in his shop and people to find his iron with his specially trained dogs.

Jack and Hiccup are like brothers and Hiccup is doing what he can to help his friend.  Snotlout, Fishlegs, Ruffnut and Tuffnut and Astrid go around the village to get information they need to help Jack; and Jack is going to need their help to find out about the bottle he found.

Gobber’s dog, Grump was sleeping next to Hiccup’s dog, Toothless.  Toothless helps the other dogs, Hookfang, Meatlug, Barf and Belch and Stormfly to find iron for the shop, while Grump sleeps the day away.

Toothless woke up to the scent of Jack as he was making his way to the shop.  He barked to get Hiccup’s attention and to welcome Jack.  Hiccup was working on a horse shoe when he heard his four legged friend ‘call’ for him.  As he went to see what got Toothless over excited, he spotted his best friend and his guardian brother.

“Hiccup” Jack greeted his friend.

“Jack” Hiccup replied.

The boys hardly see each other from all the work they have to do.  But at least Hiccup is paid, gets treated like a person and helps people; while Jack is left to be treated like dirt.

Gobber let Hiccup have his break so the boys could talk.  They went into the back where Gobber’s other helpers and dogs are.

“How’s the kids?” Hiccup asked.

“Fine,” Jack replied, but Hiccup could tell that it was a lie.  “Pitch still isn’t caring for them and I have a feeling he’s using the donated money to please his sons and to fill his pockets!”

“No wonder the building looks like it’s about to collapse!”

“Another reason why I must stop him!  And this bottle might help us.”  Jack pulled the bottle from his basket.

He handed the bottle to his friend and Hiccup sniffed it to see if he could find out what it is.  The bottle looked a bit like the bottles doctors use; and he should know.  When Snotlout and the twins try to help in the forge they get burned and nearly lose a finger and they caught a cold that one time they tried to find metal during winter.  But the contents of the bottle smelled nothing like the medicines they use.

“I’ll see what they can do!” Hiccup replied.

“And I also need help with shopping while I’m with Tooth” Jack added.

Tooth is a friend of the family and she and her friend, Aster had offered to take Jack in but Pitch wouldn’t allow it and Jack didn’t want to leave the children with him.  So when Jack goes out to ‘shop’, they help with his reading and writing and hide money Jack earns for the children.

“Snotlout and the twins will do the shopping while Fishlegs and I learn about the bottle” Astrid suggested.

“I’ll go with Snotlout to make sure they get everything and so Pitch won’t suspect a thing” Hiccup added.

Jack was glad and grateful to have friends like them; and is also grateful that they’re no longer in Pitch’s ‘care’.

Sometimes when Jack comes to the village he and his little friends put on a little show.  Jack finds a spot and gets people together while his friends do their magic.  But he doesn’t have time to do that; and it would be nice to have more time with Tooth.

Aster and Tooth own a small shop that sells books.  Tooth lets Jack read them as he learns while Aster takes care of their customers.

Jack is doing a lot better than he was when he first started and is now writing words of his own without any help; and his reading was improving.

“If only he knew” Tooth smiled, as she watched Jacking reading on his own, “If only Pitch knew how clever his ‘servant’ boy is!”

“If only” Jack chuckled sarcastically.  “This is our last lesson isn’t it?” Jack asked, knowing the truth.

“You may not need these lessons anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stop by sometime.”

“Tell that to Pitch!”  Jack was about to put the book he was reading away, but Tooth stopped him.

“Take it, so you’ll have something to cheer yourself up and to give you a reason to come back!”

If only Pitch wasn’t in their way of taking him in after his had grandfather died, if only he could run away and never serve Pitch again.  But the children need him more than he needs his freedom.

There was still time before sunset, so Jack thought to take a walk while he waits for Hiccup to meet him at the well.  It felt nice to have time to himself without any work to do, just to be him and no one telling him what to do.

“Yeah” he heard someone calling at him.  “Get out of the way, the royal carriage is coming through!”

Jack didn’t mind doing as he was told for the guard; he was in the carriage’s way away.  If he was in charge of the orphanage or the king of the kingdom, he could lead it with care for his people and would let no one suffer.

But he was just some orphaned servant boy, not a prince from a noble family.  Anyways the sun was just about to set and Hiccup, Snotlout and the twins were waiting for him with his shopping.  After asking them and promising to ask about the bottle next time they meet, the dreamer servant started to head back to the kingdom of misery.  But he’s still not going to let Pitch win, one of these days’ things will be back to what they should be.
Jarida - Cinderella Ch1

So here we are chapter 1/2, where we get to know our hero a bit better and get to see Hiccup!, (and their dragons as dog!)  Baby Tooth and the other of Tooth's fairies are hummingbirds, Drac and Mavis from Hotel Transylvania are bats and the Minions from Despicable Me are the Mice; while Tooth and Bunny are humans with a book shop!  We meet Princess Merida and Rapunzel in the next chapter! 

(The image above was not done by me, I'm only borrowing it and many more Fanart for the story!  I don't know who the artist is, but if anyone does please let me know and send me a link so I can use that link to the art on the artist's page!)






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United Kingdom
I dream of being a writer, but I do love drawing. I wanted to be an artist at first, but I got interested in writing. But I still draw for my stories. I hope that people will like the drawings and stories that I put on Frie-Ice.

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