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Ice's son by UkeHicForEvaIce's son by UkeHicForEva


Scauldy Wand by Frie-Ice
Scauldy Wand

This Scauldron wand holds a part of Scauldy, made with one of a Scauldron's scales, fangs, its power to het up its water and some of its fire/water power.  So if Ruffnut needs a second wand, she'll know which dragon to turn to.  Berk dragon wands are made from some of their dragons scales and some of their fire power so they can hold a part of them in their hands!

This wand might be in my Big Four at Hogwarts novel!


Based On:…

DoB: Scauldy by Frie-Ice
DoB: Scauldy
Scauldy is a Scauldron Hiccup, Fishlegs and the twins found on Changewing Island; his wing was pined down by boulders from a earthquake and the warm sun was braying up his skin.  The riders didn't want to leave the dragon alone to die as they tried to help, but the Scauldron didn't trust them.

As they were about to leave Ruffnut to sent flying up to the dragon and for some reason it grew fond of her.  It turns out the Ruffnut like to put fish oil in her hair and it reminded the dragon of it's home, so Hiccup got her to train her new friend.  Ruff named the dragon, Scauldy and bonded with him as she tries to calm him by singing; she even stays with him as the team heal his broken wing and as wild Changewings were making their way to them.

Ruffnut's hair got her close to Scauldy and it helped her save him as she cut her hair for Scauldy's splint.  Now Scauldy is safely back home in the ocean, swimming freely and knowing the riders, they'll probably run into Scauldy again in the future.

Torch Wand by Frie-Ice
Torch Wand

This Typhoomerang wand holds a part of Torch, made with one of a Torch's scales, fangs, its fire spin ability and some of its fire power.  So if Tuffnut ever needs a second dragon wand, he'll know which dragon to turn to.  Berk dragon wands are made from some of their dragons scales and some of their fire power so they can hold a part of them in their hands!  (Sorry that the wand isn't orange, the image was a bit dark and make Torch's skin look red.)

This wand might be in my Big Four at Hogwarts novel!


Based On:… -…

DoB: Torch by Frie-Ice
DoB: Torch
Tuffnut being trapped in a Netter Trap in Ep. 9 of Defender of Berk wasn't so bad, as a old, all grown up friend comes back.  That's right, Torch returns to Berk as a adult Typhoomerang and Tuff becomes his trainer.  Tuff didn't know that it was Torch at first; since he hadn't seen him since he was the injured baby dragon Hiccup brought back from the woods.

As Tuff got to know the adult Torch they bonded, showed him some tricks and got Torch to roar at his sister.  When Hiccup and Toothless found them in the burning woods he knew that Tuff's new dragon was a old friend, Torch latter on helped Hiccup and the twins to put out the forest fire before it could reach the village; the little trouble dragon became the hero dragon.  Torch might had fun on Berk, but his family still needs him so he said his goodbyes to Tuff before he once again leaves the island.

RoB: Torch by Frie-Ice
RoB: Torch
Torch is a Typhoomerang we meet in Ep. 4 of Riders of Berk; but when Hiccup and the gang meet him, they didn't know that he was a baby or that his mother as a short temper.  Hiccup found him injured in the woods, he was a new dragon and Hiccup took him back the Academy so he and the others can learn more adout their new friend.

Toothless wasn't happy about the idea, Torch was trouble and Berk would be in flames if he doesn't get him back to his mother.  When the riders learned the truth Torch wanted to stay with Hiccup for awhile longer, not a good idea when his mother saw Hiccup with her son.  But Torch soon go's home with his mother, older sister and younger brother.



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United Kingdom
I dream of being a writer, but I do love drawing. I wanted to be an artist at first, but I got interested in writing. But I still draw for my stories. I hope that people will like the drawings and stories that I put on Frie-Ice.

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