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Her Only Friend by Frie-Ice
Her Only Friend
Being a prisoner in your own home isn't easy, but it can still feel like home with a friend by your side.  Rapunzel keeps smiling because she has Pascal.  The two do everything together, even when they left the tower and went into the world!

The image came from here:…
Ch2 ‘Come With Me!’

The next day after school the children went down the street with their parents to see a show at the theatre.  Merida wasn’t into the things her mother is, but her uncles, Macintosh, MacGuffin and Dingwall have come down from Scotland to visit the DunBroch family with their three sons.  Her cousins and uncles weren’t interested in her stories, but they haven’t seen each other for a long time and they are only down for two weeks before they have to go back to Scotland.

The show the Scottish family went to see is about a young prince from their homeland who had followed his own path and selfish pride that lead his kingdom to war and ruin and how a brave archer and his four legged friend stopped him.  Merida’s father, Fergus had told his sons and daughter the story many times, so the DunBroch siblings know it off by heart.

The story of the selfish prince helps people to remember that following your own path isn’t always the best way, especially when it is full of selfishness, greed and pride.  While the archer and his friend teach people to never judge a book by its cover and how a powerful friend can change everything and bring back what was taken.

Once the show was over they all headed back to the DunBroch’s house, Elinor and Fergus thought that they should have a nice chat and to have some time together with their guests before they head back to their hotel!  Merida told the rest of her story to her brothers and the boys acted it out to entertain their guests.

“The staff was out of Jack’s reach as the pirate captain kicked it away from him while he was in his grasp” Merida continued.

The triplets acted it out as Merida kept telling the story, they were happy that they got to hear the rest of the story form yesterday night!  Their guests found it a little interesting and could see that the girl has a gift for making up and telling stories!

The truth was that their uncles didn’t just come down to visit their relatives, they were planning on sending their sons to a boarding school that their family has been going to for years and wanted to ask the DunBrochs if they want to send Merida down there as well.  After hearing Merida’s story, they knew that the school was perfect for her if she takes a writing course!

Soon Merida and her brothers came to the end of their story as the hero triumphs over his villain and gets away!

“The feared captain of nightmare failed again to get his enemies’ head, as the brave Jack freezes the pirate’s feet to the deck to break free,” Merida was about to finish, “And with the pirates defeated and one of Jack’s youngest men saved, they fly back to their hideout in the thick forest like jungle.  And that is the end of another tale of the brave Jack Frost!”

Everyone in the room clapped as Merida and her three brothers bowed.  Normally the four would go to bed after finishing a story, but since they had guests they were allowed to stay up for a little while longer.

“Fine tale lass” Macintosh clapped.

“Where do you get these stories from, Merida?” Macintosh’s son, wee Macintosh asked.

“From my mother!” Merida replied.

“Yes,” as Elinor explained, after everyone in the room started to stare at her, “I have been told stories about a young boy with white hair and blue frost eyes from my grandmother and other people.  They say that when you leave your window open while telling a story, a figure with a long wooden hooked staff sits next to your window and listens,” memories of long ago came back to her, “If he keeps coming to your window to hear your stories and likes them, he’ll take you off your feet and then bring you to a place of light, fun, adventure, laughter and of people who wanted to meet the story teller they were told of.  But it is also a place of danger, pirates, nightmare monsters and a beastly monster!”

“A monster?” MacGuffin asked.

His son, Wee MacGuffin said something after him, but no one knew what he was trying to say.  They tried not to stare at him to say ‘what did you say’, ‘can you repeat that’ or ‘why can’t you speak more clearly?’

“Yes,” Elinor continued, “But people claim that the boy and his home land are nothing but a dream.  I had a dream of me taking his hand, flying through the stars and landing on his island.  We spent our time there together and then he takes me home.  I woke up the next day and I realised that it was a dream.  There was no proof that I had left my room that night.  My mother had checked on me before she went to sleep, nothing in the room was moved and the window was shut.  I’ve told myself that it was just a dream and nothing more!”

“How many times did you have this dream?” Dingwall asked.

“Only once, I only had memories of that dream after that and I haven’t start thinking or telling it to other people until Merida was born!”

“She told me her dream as a story and I’ve turned it into many other stories for my brothers” Merida added.

“Ever thought about becoming a writer, Lass?” MacGuffin asked.

“I have been thinking about it, but I also want to be an archer and travel to have great adventures like the ones in my stories!”

“Then the academy is perfect for you, lass!” Dingwall chuckled.

“What?” the DunBroch siblings wondered what he meant by that.

“The academy!  The one our family has been going to for generations!”

“We’ve being planning to send our sons there!” MacGuffin added.

“And we’ve been wondering if Merida can join them.  You know, bring honour to her family and so she can have a bright future!” Macintosh finished.

“What?” Merida was shocked, “DAD, MUM!!!” Merida looked for their support.

Fergus could see that Merida wants him to say something, but couldn’t find the words.  So he turned to his wife for help.  Merida didn’t want to leave London, her family, brothers and their adventures in their room behind.  She hoped that her mother can help her to stay, rather than to go to the ‘academy’.

“I know that the academy will do some good for Merida,” Elinor started, “And we have agreed to send our children there for a bright future, but we haven’t discussed this as a family, made any arrangements or know if it is what she wants yet!”

“I know it isn’t,” Merida snapped, “I belong with my brothers and not halfway around the world!”

“Boys can you go upstairs,” Elinor asked her sons, “We need some time to talk!”

The brothers looked at their sister like it was for the last time before going up.  Merida could feel their pain in her heart; she didn’t want to leave them or the times and stories they shared together.

“Merida,” Elinor started, “I know that this is a big shock for you and I know that I should have told you sooner, but if you want to create a future for yourself, you need to make sacrifices and leave those you love!”

“You’re taking their side?” Merida was shocked to hear this.

“I’m not saying that, but it would be good for you.  Not too many people are kind to women, unless they make their names into something!”

“Like if you become a famous writer with your stories!” MacGuffin added.

“Just think about it,” Elinor suggested, “We can’t have adventures or make the choices we really want if we stay in one place forever!”

“I already made my decision,” Merida raised her voice, “And it is for me to stay here and not to go to a stupid academy!!!”

Merida stormed up to her room in anger and sadness; she couldn’t believe that her parents want to send her away.  Do they still love her?  Elinor wanted to go after her, but Fergus stopped her by putting his hand on her shoulder to say ‘give her some time to calm down!’

The hour was getting late, the dogs still needed to be walked and their guests need to get back to their hotel.  Elinor and Fergus thought that they should walk them down there with their dogs; so they can do both.

Fergus went up to tuck the little ones to bed; he figured that Merida didn’t want to see her mother right now.  As he entered the room, he caught the triplets sitting with their sister on her bed talking; they stopped when their father came in.

“You okay?” he asked his daughter.


The boys went to sit on their beds to make room for their dad, so he can sit with their sister.

“I’m sorry that ay didn’t say anything earlier” he apologised.

“That’s alright!” she replied, “I’m just a little...surprised and shocked,” Merida let out a little chuckle before saying anything more, “At first I thought that they came down to see us, like a family should.  But all they really came down here for is just to send me away!”

“I was surprised too.  They have come to see us, lass and they came to talk about it with us too.  Its where I met your mother and you four wouldn’t be born if we hadn’t gone there!”

“I want to stay here, where I belong!”

“Your mother had thought the same thing too, but something helped her to understand that she can’t forever stay in one place.  I think it was that dream she had about the flying boy!”


“I think that’s his name.  She didn’t talk about him much and when she did, I could see in her eyes that she wonders if it was really a dream.  I don’t believe in magic, but I did my best for her and from the time we spent together and on our graduation day I asked her to be Mrs DunBroch!”

“You asked her to marry you there?”

“I did!”

“What did she say?”

“She said ‘aye’ and I became the happiest man ever.  Not long after our wedding, I became a loving father to our little girl!”

“Dad!!!!” Merida gave her dad a little push from what he said and right after both he and his sons chuckled.

“And do you want to know why she said ‘aye’?” Fergus asked.

“She loved you!” Merida guessed.

“Aye and she was carrying you!”

Merida looked at him, she thought that her father was pulling her leg, but after seeing the look in his eyes, she knew that it was true.  She had never thought that her mother would do something like that while she was still at school, having a night like that would end her up with a child.

“She would never do a thing like that!” Merida told her father, still not able to believe what she was told.

“We did, it was her who asked me to come into her room and she didn’t tell me until three weeks later, the day before I asked her.”  Fergus knew that he needed to finish the conversation soon.  “I know that this is hard for you lass, but there are times when we have to grow up and start heading into the world.  You don’t have to go if you don’t want to, your uncles came down to give their sons some free time and to get to know one another before they go; and they came to get to know you better!”  Merida looked at her father to say that she’s still not going.  “Your mother and I are just going to take our guests to their hotel while we also walk the dogs, the door will be locked, oh and remember don’t let your pride get the better of you, or you’ll end up like the selfish prince of ruins!”

Merida giggled before kissing her dad good night.  Soon after the four were tucked in, Fergus, his wife, dogs and guests went out the door.  Fergus locked it behind him while Elinor looked up at the window to the children’s room.  What had happened that night still troubled her, but Fergus put his hand onto her shoulder to calm her worries with a smile.  After she smiled back, they all headed down the lane.

What they didn’t know was while they were leaving the house, a figure was watching them from the roof.  He and his little friend had left something at the house and they needed to get it back.

The window was locked this time and they were having trouble opening it without waking the children up.  They tossed, turned and looked up and down the window three times.  Not wanting to risk waking the girl and her brothers, his friend, Baby Tooth, a small green fairy tried to help him.

Baby Tooth’s small size helped her to find a way in and not long after she did, the small pixie opened the window from the inside.  Once it was opened, her friend flew in and quietly put his staff next to the window.

Lucky for them the dogs weren’t in the room to catch him, and the woman who had seen him before was out.  Jack didn’t know why she knew his name, well he had a feeling why, but it couldn’t be; it couldn’t be her.  She called him ‘boy’ at first and looked like it was her first time seeing him, so it couldn’t have been Elinor that saw him.

But he didn’t have all night to think about last night, the children could wake up, the parents and their dogs would be home soon and he needed to find his shadow before any of that happens.

Jack and Baby Tooth quietly started to look for the shadow.  Who knows what will happen if they go back empty handed and Jack’s shadow floating around the house could cause trouble for both of them.  They looked through all of the drawers in the room and even a toy box to see if it was in there.

As the search continued, Baby Tooth saw a locked drawer moving like something was trying to get out.  She flew in next to it to peer into the keyhole and as she did, she saw what both she and her friend were looking for and started to call Jack over.  Jack noticed Baby Tooth calling him over to the drawer and flew up to her.

“What is it?” he asked her.

Baby Tooth pointed to the drawer excitedly and saying in her pixie voice that she has found the shadow.  Jack opened the drawer to see if it was in there and as soon as he did, his shadow came flying out!  Without thinking Jack started to chase after it before they both wake up the children and accidentally locked Baby Tooth in the drawer while she was trying to help him.

It took a while, but Jack finally caught it and made a loud thump as he landed next to the girl’s bed.  Merida jolted up as she heard the thud; it gave her quite a scare.  She was about to lie back down, but something caught her eye, a staff that was sat next to the window.

She looked over the side of her bed and saw a boy with white hair and blue eyes, lying on the ground holding some kind of moving cloth.  But for some odd reason she feels like she knows who he is?

Jack Frost of Neverland and the leader of the Lost children.

“Jack?” she uttered, “Jack Frost?”

The boy nodded.  Jack knew that it was too late; he had been seen and might have some explaining to do.  His shadow tried to get away, but he kept his grip on it to prevent it from slipping away.

“Are you okay?” having no idea what the boy from her stories is doing here.

“Just trying to reattach my shadow!” Jack replied as he tied the legs of his shadow to his ankles.

“I could sew it back on for you” Merida offered.

Seeing no other choice Jack accepted her offer and did his best to keep his shadow from running away as Merida went to get a needle and thread.  Jack was okay with the idea, but he was starting to have second thoughts as he saw the needle.

“It might hurt a little,” she warned, “But it will be worth it, I promise!”

It did hurt, but Jack did his best to ignore the pain and not to cry out.  He didn’t want to wake her brothers and to worry his friend.  Where did Baby Tooth get to anyway?

Baby Tooth watched from the drawer that she was locked in.  She was glad that Jack got his shadow back, but wasn’t happy with the girl that was sticking a small sharp object in and out of his feet.

Soon it was done and Jack sprinkled some of his ice over his feet to make them heal faster from the stinging.  Merida couldn’t believe that she could witness something as amazing as watching Jack using his ice powers and helping him to have his shadow again.

Jack flipped up and faced the wall to make sure that he has his shadow back as he moved his arms from side to side.  His shadow was back and started to act as a shadow should as it copied him.

Jack was so overjoyed to have it back, he jumped into the air saying; “YES!”

“You can fly!” Merida gasped.

“Yes I can,” Jack replied, “And thank you for your help um.....”

“Merida!” she introduced herself, “Its Merida DunBroch!”

“Jack Frost, but you already knew that!”

“I know, I was told stories about you and I told my own to my brothers!”

“I know!”

“You Do?” Merida was shocked.

“I come each night to hear them and then go back to tell them to my men!”

“The Lost Children!”  Jack nodded.  “But why do you like mine?” Merida asked.

“I have heard many stories through many windows,” Jack explained, “My men and I love adventures and to have fun with the pirates.  But we also like to hear tales of people fighting their foes to give us strength and your stories have helped us a lot.”


“You put your heart into them and there have been times when your stories kind of came to life in our battles and hearing from you helps us to know what they are going to do and what we should do.”

“But how is that possible?”

“Well they say that Neverland is made of Wonders, Hope, Memories and Dreams, but I have been told that it is also made with Fun!”

“We have fun playing and telling them!”

“He was right,” Jack said under his breath, “I was chosen!”

“What?” Merida heard him.

“Nothing!!!!!  It just....  Never mind, but thanks for your help!”

Then Jack went to get his staff and was about to leave through the window, but the thought of Baby Tooth stopped him.  He didn’t know what had happened to her.

“It was nice to finally meet you, Jack” Merida smiled, remembering what is waiting for her.  “It was nice to meet the boy from my stories before I grow up!”

“Grow up!!!!!” Jack gasped.  Then Baby Tooth burst free from the drawer and flew right into Jack.

“It is also nice to meet your fairy,” Merida added, right after seeing the small green fairy, “Before I leave London and go to the academy!”

“So this ‘academy’ means no more stories?” Jack uttered as he rubbed the left side of his cheek.

Merida nodded as tears fell down her face.  Jack and Baby Tooth looked at each other and knew what has to be done.  The small green fairy still wasn’t sure about the girl, but her stories have helped them out a lot.

So Baby Tooth woke the triplets up as Jack grabbed Merida’s wrist and dragged her to the window.

“What are you doing?” Merida asked as she was being dragged to the window.

Jack stopped at the window’s ledge before turning back to Merida, “Come with me!”


“Come with me, so you and your brothers can never grow up and can keep telling your stories!”

The triplets had no idea what was going on, but after seeing Jack and Baby Tooth and hearing Jack’s offer, they knew that the hero from their sister’s stories has come to save her.

“Are we really coming too?!?!?!?” the three asked.

Jack nodded and the triplets jumped up and down for joy.  Merida was also happy to hear this, but the thoughts of their family and what they would think started to linger on her mind; and also, how are they going to get to Neverland?

“We’ll fly,” Jack somehow read her mind, “Concentrate on your Wonders, Hopes, Memories and Dreams!”

“And Fun!” Merida added.

The offer Jack was told about by one of the Neverland lords came back to him, but he didn’t what to think about it.  All he wanted to do was to take Merida and the triplets to Neverland.

“I’ll go first!” Hubert cheered, before climbing onto his bed to jump off it.  “Sleigh bells, presents and snowing everyday so I don’t have to go to school!!!”

Hubert then jumped into the air, but he was heading to the floor instead of the sky.  But Baby Tooth saved him with her pixie dust.  After Hubert was cover by it, he stared to hover in the air.  The other two brothers couldn’t wait to join him.

Hamish started to do the same.  “Chocolate, finding eggs and cool fighting tricks!”

Hamish cheered as he jumped and like before, Baby Tooth sprinkled him with her little green dust.  Jack started to play with the first two sky born brothers as Harris got really for his turn.

“Losing my first tooth, not having haggis and hearing Merida’s first ever story!”  Harris ended up doing back flips in the midair as Baby Tooth helped him into the air.

Then it was Merida’s turn.  She closed her eyes as she started to thinks about dreams after Jack blew Baby Tooth’s dust on her.

“Adventure, hitting every target and controlling my own fate!”

Once she opened them, she was hovering above the ground.  Merida never thought that she’ll ever be flying and holding Jack’s hands to keep her straight.

“Come with me!” Jack whispered into her ear.

“But what about Mum?”  Merida started to slowly hover back onto the ground.

“And Dad?” Hubert added, as he too started to come back down.

“The boys?” Hamish and Harris thought about their dogs.

Jack knew that he has to tell them.  He had wanted to save it until they got there, but......

“There is never ending Christmas!”

“Christmas!!!!” the boys started to hover above the ground again.

“Other fairies,” Jack continued, “Dreams coming true, everlasting hope and pirates!”

“Pirates!!!” the four gasped with joy.

It was official, they had to go.  It’s not every day that a white haired boy comes and gives you the adventure of a life time.  The triplets flew out of the window one by one, while Jack went to pick up his staff.  Baby Tooth went out next to keep an eye on the three.  Then it was Jack and Merida’s turn, Jack took her hand as they flew into the night.

The experience for the DunBroch siblings was like no other.  Flying through the night sky and seeing London like they have never seen it before.  The triplets jumped on some roofs for fun, which somehow made them fly higher?

Jack tried not to notice, as he still tried not to think about the offer and his fate.  He did his best to hide it as he smiled at Merida who was flying beside him and Baby Tooth.

Soon Jack saw the gate way and took the four to perch on one of the hands on Big Ben so he can explain what is about to happen next.

“There it is,” Jack pointed to a bright star, “All we have to do is to fly in the moon’s light and open the gate way!”

“But how do you open it?” Harris asked.

“Hold on!” Jack hovered as he placed Merida’s hand on his ankle.  “Hold on to your sister and each other boys!”

Hubert grabbed his sister’s ankle while his brothers grabbed his.  The four didn’t know why they have to hold each other’s ankles, but they trust him; Jack has come back and forth from Neverland many times.

As soon as they entered the moon’s beam, a bright light appeared and Jack pointed his staff at it.  The light surrounded the hook part of his staff and he turned it to the side like he was unlocking a door.........

Fergus and Elinor had just come back, but as Fergus was unlocking the door; Elinor looked up into the sky and saw that the window to their children’s room was open!

She came rushing up the stairs the moment the door was opened, leaving Fergus confused.  But he still followed her to see what was wrong and the moment he went into the Children’s room; he knew why.  They were gone and the room looked like they had struggled with who ever took them away.

“Please bring them back,” Elinor prayed, “Bring them back, Jack.”

While Fergus believes they were kidnapped, Elinor believes that the boy from her past as taken them to Neverland.  A land filled with adventure and danger!
Jarida - Peter Pan: Ch2

Sorry for the long wait, I have had trouble witting this and the other fanfics I working on!  So Merida gets to meet the boy from her stories, Baby Tooth wouldn't of liked the idea of bring her back with them but she's going to put up with her for the sake of Neverland.

I'm also sorry that I'm being a little naughty with this chapter.  I have just started the next chapter and hope to upload it soon!



Next: Coming so!


(The image above was not done by me!)  Artist:…



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I dream of being a writer, but I do love drawing. I wanted to be an artist at first, but I got interested in writing. But I still draw for my stories. I hope that people will like the drawings and stories that I put on Frie-Ice.

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